Meat netting

Nomanet netting

The highest quality Nomanet meat netting for packing raw, cooked and smoked products


  • Pepperoni-like sausage
  • Ripening cured meats
  • Smoked bacons
  • Thin sausages
Nomanet netting

Nomanet meat netting

Product description

Packaging for meat products from all over the world.

Our meat netting Nomanet is currently used by manufacturers of meat products in over 40 countries
on 6 continents.

Nomanet meat netting conveys:


Nomanet netting allow you to achieve
a perfect combination of the traditional look of the meat product with production optimization


Using meat netting enables an accurate presentation of the product both in the traditional counter and on the modern shelf

Giving shape

Thanks to Nomanet netting, the product will receive a proper, recurrent shape
in a way, which is easy to be used in the manufacturing process


By using our netting and complementary solutions, it is possible to optimize the production process

Nomanet meat netting

Types of netting

We offer you elastic and non-elastic netting in the widest range of shapes, types and colours available on the market:

See Nomanet Netting:
Dense netting
Dense netting
Easy to peel
Easy to peel
Helisa Net<sup>®</sup>
Helisa Net®
Hexagon Net<sup>®</sup>
Hexagon Net®
La Rete Net
La Rete Net
Monofil netting
Monofil netting
Strong Net
Strong Net
With a fixed numer of meshes
With a fixed numer of meshes

Nomanet meat netting

Modification options

We offer our customers the netting precisely adjusted to their individual needs.

For this purpose, it is possible to modify the parameters of our netting:

  • Stronger warp covering

It reduces the netting cutting into the muscles, which facilitates pulling the netting off the product after heat treatment. Thicker warp covering will also distinguish the product.

  • Stronger rubber covering

The modification of the covering modification reduces
the adhesion of the netting to the product and reinforces
its resistance under tension (reducing its elastibility).

  • Netting rarefaction

It enables to receive large meshes in the netting.

  • Double number od rubber threads in a single covering

It increases the strenght of the netting, which makes the netting form the product tighter.

  • Colour distinction (Matrix and Rubber)

The colour options will allow you to distinguish your product
on the shelf, help to achieve a consistent colour style in the image of the product/brand, can also provide additional indication,
e.g. for certain meat type.


The particular options are available depending on the netting type. We invite you to learn about the netting type descriptions.

Nomanet meat netting

Confection services

The standard netting rolls have length of 5, 25, 50 and 100 m. In order to improve the production processes for our clients, we are able to provide confection adapted to their individual needs.

Depending on the netting type, we offer the following additional confection services:

  • Netting sheering on tubes

Sheering the netting on tube significantly speeds up the work with the netting. You can immediately place the sheered netting on the funnel of the stuffer and start operating. Depending on the netting type, it is possible to sheer up to 25 meters.

  • Cutting into sections

Netting cut into sections of the same lenght, chosen by the customer, can speed the production process and standarise it as well ( uniform size of the final product). The sections are packed in bunches (the number of pieces in a bunch can be determined by the customer – from 20 to 50 pcs.)

  • Clipping the sections

Clipping one end of the netting section eliminates additional operations in the plant. It is particularly useful for inserting manually the whole muscle into the netting.

  • Turning the netting inside-out

It reduces the netting cutting into the muscles and facilitates pulling the netting off the product. Moreover, it limits the detachment of meat pieces from the product while pulling the netting off.

  • En Vrac packaging (loose in cartons)

Confection dedicated for customers with highly automated production. It eliminates reduntant operations on the sheering machines (there is no need to change the rolls).


We are able to perform other confection services, which will prepare the netting to be used in the meat products manufacturing and will facilitate your technological process.

Nomanet meat netting

Machines and applicators

Our offer includes a range of complementary devices, which will significantly speed up your meat production process, regardless of the scale of your business.

Additional devices:

  • TubaNet® - plastic applicator for netting
  • Noqum 2000 – sheering machine for netting
  • Applicator for non-elastic netting

Noqum 2000Plastikowe aplikatory TubaNet<sup>®</sup>

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