3 most important features of meat and meat products consumers are looking for

Today's consumers have wide access to various types of meat products via many distribution channels. This makes them more and more demanding and aware of what they want and what they like.

They are also getting more and more busy, preferring convenience stores or on-the-go, and they have less and less time studying each product that lands in their basket. They usually choose what they know and like. However, there are some trends that have been stable for years and indicate well what is popular on the market. These are the most popular filters through which consumers "test" the product before they decide to purchase it. See what draws the most attention!


No one will reinvent the wheel, whoever says that the quality of meat products is one of the key, if not the most important aspect that consumers point to. The vast majority of market research confirms this trend. High quality of meat products is usually understood by an average consumer as a meat content in the product. The most popular are those meat products, which at first glance communicate meat content on their packaging, e.g. "over 90%".

Another aspect that is emphasized by consumers is the lack of preservatives. The presence of artificial flavors is also undesirable. Sodium glutamate and any "E" on the label only discourages potential buyers. At the same time it is highly valued for its natural beauty, with a short product composition, clean label and ecological packaging. More and more people admit that they read labels and pay attention to the meat content of the product, the presence of undesirable ingredients, nutritional value or allergen content. It is worth emphasizing the high quality of your products at the point of sale!


Although many consumers emphasize that the quality of their products is the most important, the analysis of actual shopping carts leads to interesting conclusions - discounted and low-priced products are exceptionally popular. This is due to the fact that still a large part of meat products in Polish households is bought by representatives of "older" generations, for whom price-quality relations, tradition and authenticity are important. Consumers stress that they are looking for "value for money" products. Often this is in contradiction to consumer statements, confirming that quality determines the choice of what lands in the basket. It follows that the right combination of quality of meat product and attractive price offer can prove to be the key to success in sales.


The trend of shopping patriotism and localization has been increasing for years. Initiatives like the Polish Product or the Pola software only confirm what the market has been showing for years. Poles believe that Polish products do not surpass the foreign ones and if they have a choice, they are willing to use homeland products - not only in the meat category. At the same time, consumers value localization and like to try local products, typical of each region. It is also important to know who made the product and whether it is a well-known and reputable producer. In the meat industry it is often the trust of the brand that determines the purchase decision.

When preparting sell and promotion strategy it is also important to look at and utilize the growing trends in the development of meat products for specific groups of customers. Gaining popularity is recorded for children's products, gluten free products, vegetarian sausages and exclusive / premium products.

Personalization of the offer - it is a factor that is becoming more and more important!

Today, the situation in which the product itself plays an ever smaller role - after all, in every shop we find ham "grandma", "homely", "rural", "traditional" or "from brother-in-law." In such a competitive market, it is important to know what adds value the product, what it communicates at a glance and what the manufacturer's reputation is. Do not forget about the great force of the product's prompting by the seller and good customer’s experience. The combination of the above elements will certainly increase the chances of success on the meat market!

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