About us

Nomax Group is a major packaging provider for the meat industry. The company has been a leading player in the meat netting and textile casings production, on the domestic and international markets for many years.

Since the very beginning, Nomax Group has been a family owned and run company from Poland. We believe that such relevant values as trust, partnership and constant development guarantee a fruitful and stable cooperation.

Nomax Group offer includes top brands: Nomanet® meat netting, Viscoflex® textile casings and Spatex® casings with spice coating.

We supply our products to over 1200 meat processing plants and wholesalers nationwide. Our products are also available globally via the network of over 100 distributors in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.

Nomax Group


The origins of the company come from a family business Nomax, founded in 1989 in Piekary Śląskie. Since then, the owners and employees of the company have been constantly searching for complex solutions for the meat industry, which has resulted in implementing numerous innovative products. At the beginning, the enterprise was run as a family trading company supplying meat processors with meat netting, casings, seasonings and all kind of additives. Since that time, Nomax has transformed into a group of companies with over 300 employees.

Nomax Group

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create and provide the highest quality products that confer exceptional and individual values to the meat and deli products.

„We create individual style of meat products worldwide”

Thanks to a family idea for business, involvement, innovation and continuous aspiration for development, Nomax Group is a trendsetter for packaging on the meat market.

Nomax Group

Quality Policy

Qality Management

The priority of Nomax Group is striving to achieve the highest quality of its products and meet customers’ requirements.

Every day we do our best to earn your trust. To this end, we have implemented Quality Management System, according to FSSC 22000 standard, certified by GFSI organisation. Our nettings are Kosher and Halal Certified. We entrusted the supervision and control over all processes to experienced and competent employees and we collectively realize implemented Quality Policy.

Quality Management System

All production processes are in compliance with GMP and GHP. Our products meet all the current requirements of Polish and EU Food Law. In order to guarantee the optimal health quality of the products we offer we are conducting laboratory analyses at every stage of production - from raw materials, through half-products to ready products.

In 2004, we obtained Quality Management System. At the beginning it stayed in compliance with EN ISO 9001 and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP according to Codex Alimentarius. In the second half of 2013, the EN ISO 22000 System was also implemented. In 2016 we obtained the FSSC 22000 Packaging - ISO 22002-4:2013 Standard, acknowledged by international association GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), which unites the biggest food producers in the world, as well as chain stores representatives and certification bodies. This certificate proves that Nomax Trading meets high standards in terms of quality, hygiene and safety of its products.



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