BrandNet netting is a Polish products seller

It has long been said that Polish products sell better. This thesis is supported by numerous studies and reports, such as “Poles go shopping” by the GfK Institute.

These trends are only gaining strength, also in the meat and ham category. For many of us the word "Polish" is associated with quality, tradition, pleasant connotations, or references to nice memories. Often, Polish products are simply those we know from our childhood and which we like. Polish sausages and meat brands become known abroad, where they are still gaining market interest.

According to the analysis of the portal and Open Research, the presentation of information about the country of origin practically guarantees that this information will be taken into account when making a purchase decision. Polish origin encourages the purchase of as many as 60% of customers. Purchasing patriotism is common today, so the marking of the Polish origin of a meat product not only attracts the eye, but also increases the chances of sale. A large part of consumers are looking for Polish products not only for their price but also because of their particular quality or simply the subjective desire to support Polish companies and manufacturers. According to research, the most common food products of Polish consumers are good quality (40%), healthy food (27%) and good taste (17%).

As we know that Polish products are selling so well, how can meat and ham producers use this knowledge to grow their popularity and increase sales?

The answer to this question may be the suitably designed packaging of the meat product, which is the BrandNet® ribbon.

Why is BrandNet® so effective?

First, because it provides visibility. Ham in a netting with ribbon draws attention to itself and stands out against other unclassified sausages.

Second, because it provides uniqueness. BrandNet® gives manufacturers a unique opportunity to personalize the meat product in the netting and to present individual messages.

Third, because it increases sales by emphasizing the attribute of the Polish origin of the product, which today determines the purchase decision in many categories, including meat and ham.

It is well known that nowadays consumers are paying more attention than ever to quality and origin but also to the aesthetics of products. This also applies to the way they are packed. Attractive and distinctive packaging positively influences customer loyalty and motivates them to make purchasing decisions. Growing market demands are matched by the BrandNet® netting, providing a technological solution that allows meat products to not only be unique and attractive, but also preserve the traditional character of smoked ham as before - in the net. Manufacturers have a tool which is not only a unique solution to the problem of poor visibility of the product in the traditional exposition but also tailored to the expectations of the final recipients of meat and ham. In addition, it is a proven, functional and easy to use solution. Most importantly - the BrandNet® netting provides the customer with a recognizable Polish meat product.

One of the most popular marketers in the world, Gary Vaynerchuk, once said: do not think about competition, think of your customers. It is this approach that gives rise to the best marketing strategies. It turns out that the promotion of Polish product is the answer to the question "what is your customer looking for?" In the category of meat and cold cuts. Make sure to properly promote the origin of your products. If you have such a powerful weapon, why do you not use it?

Based on analysis and research by Open Research.

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