NetBag - a shopping bag as in old times!

NetBag is a modern version of a traditional shopping bag as in the good old times, which is now returning to graces and gaining popularity not only among fashion bloggers. NetBag looks stylish, but above all it is flexible, practical, packable and environmentally friendly.

NetBag allows you to carry things and do shopping in a stylish way, light and aesthetic net. Its contents are immediately visible, and the bag itself is well perceived by other people. NetBag is a great eco-gadget!

These are the biggest advantages of the shopping NetBag:

Environmental compatibility

The shopping NetBag is reusable. By using it, you take care of the environment and do not contribute to the production of unnecessary amounts of harmful plastic.


Thanks to its exceptional stretchability, the shopping NetBag  is perfect for all conditions. Ideal for shopping, the beach,  for children's toys and all other occasions where you need it. NetBag expands with the content, making it ideal for both small and large tasks - it can hold up to 20 kg! In addition, thanks to a special technology, the net stretches only to the sides and not from the bottom, so that it does not lose its properties.


The NetBag is an extremely lightweight, reusable bag that fits in your hand, pocket or bag when folded. Its convenient size allows you to carry it with you at all times, and thanks to special practical and comfortable handles, even carrying heavier objects is effortless.  You will be surprised how capacious NetBag is!

Fashionable design

NetBag stays in touch with the latest trends not only in the field of ecology and practicality, but also keeps up with fashion. The design refers to traditional hand-woven bags from old times, what evokes positive memories. Various colour variants (white and navy blue) guarantee a great retro look of the bag. NetBag is a stylish shopping accessory that will make you eye-catching.

NetBag - environmentally friendly, fashionable and practical shopping net as in the past. It's not just a great retro style look, but especially the solidity and functionality you need while shopping.

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