How to improve the appearance of cured meats

Would you like the cured meat of your brand to stand out among the others and encourage the customer to purchase?

We have a solution to it.  An important success factor is an attractive outward appearance of the product. Many producers of cured meats emphasize the type of packaging, its shape and colour, so that the cured meat looks outstanding and attracts the eye.

Proper appearance and formation of a meat product depend on the net of cured meat carefully chosen, or casing. Therefore, when choosing it is worth consulting specialists of Nomax Trading, who will help you to choose the right packaging. The company is the exclusive distributor of flexible and non-flexible cured meat net NomaNet on the domestic and foreign markets, and also, Viscolex textile casings and casings with Spatex spices.

In the production of parboiled products and manufactured without smoking, that is, hams, sirloins, cured pork shoulders easy to remove nets are recommended. From the beginning they arouse a very great interest due to optimization of the production process.

- The interest in parboiled products results from their attractive appearance, which stands out against the standard cured meats. The light colour of product, arousing associations related to health, freshness perfectly meets consumers` expectations related to healthy lifestyle - comments Adrian Woźnica, technologist of Nomax Trading.

In response to the queries of customers looking for high-quality packaging for salami produced in Italy, La Rete Net has been created, which is recommended for the production of ripening, dried and slightly dried cured meats of Premium class. Thanks to its use the product looks like Italian ripening cured meat.

The net wraps the final product up perfectly and thanks to unique formula keeps its properties when portioning the product, which means that it does not turn and does not affect the structure of product.

For the production of traditional ham, smoked meat, and rolled products, the edible collagen film NomaColl Film is especially recommended.

High permeability to smoke flavouring provides products with an attractive and natural look and taste of smoking. The film can also be used in combination with cured meat net. After removing the net, the structure of product surface remains intact, due to a robust film structure, and thus, the film prevents losses during the production process.

Offal meat products, brawns, pates, due to the type and consistency of stuffing, require the use of the casings with perfect tightness, reducing losses during processing. For this purpose, textile casings Viscoflex are a good choice and thanks to it we can get products with a constant weight.

-"Recently we have been observing an increasing interest in casings with a smaller size, used for the production of products with a low weight, which does not require portioning. Products with a constant weight are exceptionally convenient solution, therefore, they are more and more often chosen by the consumer. Their small size is also significant for food processors, who are set on maintaining the lowest possible logistical costs and improving the management of goods in store - says Tomasz Bury Specialist in charge of Marketing and PR Nomax Trading ".

A wide variety of forms, colours and individual imprints allows to give the cured meats a unique appearance, featuring brand, or the product line.

However, there is no way to provide all the solutions proposed by Nomax Trading. In accordance with the mission of enterprise "We provide an individual style to cured meats all over the world" the company approaches each customer and product individually to meet the most demanding.

You can be sure that if you decide to cooperate with us, you will receive professional advice and assistance in choosing the right kind of cured meat net, or casing. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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