What should the packaging for the meat industry be like? The key features of meat packaging.

What makes customers looking at a shelf or counter full of very similar meat products choose this and not different product?

Apart from the price, it is the packaging that makes the product land in the basket. The packaging is the key element that plays the first fiddle and determines the final market success or failure of the meat cut. Especially in a situation in which it competes with very similar alternatives, that are difficult to distinguish at a first glance and share a very similar price.

It may seem that in the case of meat products, the maneuver in terms of packaging is rather limited. Nothing further from the truth! Also in this industry, the packaging creates space for presenting innovation and a modern approach in the sale of traditional meats.

Meat consumers expect positive experience during the contact with the product, and the packaging is crucial in this process. With this in mind, let's answer the question:

What features should a good packaging for the meat industry have?


First of all, the packaging should be visually attractive.

The very basic purpose of the packaging for the meat industry is to give the product a unique character and thus to co-create the taste of the product. This is necessary from the point of view of sales and marketing. Appropriately selected packaging increases the aesthetic value of the product and makes it look appealing to consumers. The product which catches the eye is more likely to reach the hands of curious consumers.

The packaging must also be communicative.

If the product has any special features that increase its value in the eyes of potential consumers or for which the target group is looking for, then the packaging must clearly communicate these aspects. Values such as local origin, exceptional quality, unique taste, specific ingredients or a traditional production procedures are the elements that the packaging should emphasize and clearly communicate.

The packaging should also be comfortable.

The convenience of packaging should be understood as intuitiveness and easiness to use at every stage of the product life cycle – in the production and during the technological process to which it should be tailored, then during delivery, in bulk packaging, in the counter or on the shelf, and finally at home - during and after consuming the product.

The packaging must also be adequate.

The goal of the packaging is to establish a dialogue with consumers. It should therefore be matched to the concept of the brand and correspond with the chosen development strategy of a given product line. For example - when producing premium products, the packaging should also be premium. When aiming at more economical solution, then a packaging that does not mislead the consumer regarding the nature of the product should be used. At the same time, it must allow to keep the final price of the meat product low.

In addition, the packaging must be functional.

The packaging should also protect the product and perform specific functions in the production process of the meat product. It is used for the purpose of forming the product, giving it shape and desired appearance. Therefore, it must have valuable properties from the point of view of the technological process in a given meat plant.

Good packaging: one key - many locks


Consumers' needs are different, and the packaging is a great tool for a meat producer to use to meet them. Well-chosen packaging increases sales, creates the brand image of the producer and influences consumer loyalty towards products of a given meat plant.

Packaging is a special space in which it is worth showing creativity and to stand out with something that no one on the market yet offers. It's worth experimenting! Don’t be afraid of being different - after all, it's the only way for a product drowning in a counter full of identical alternatives to attract attention.

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