Viscoflex textile casings for Christmas

Textile casings are indispensable products in the meat industry. At present, however, customers attach increasing importance not only to the properties of the product itself, but also to its image. So it is worth choosing an interesting proposal, which will ensure a distinctive, unique look of our products, attracting glances of customers and distinguishing the product from many others on the market.

Nomax Trading Company has launched on the market Viscoflex® textile casings in unusual, colourful versions. Aesthetic, eye-catching finish of products and unusual graphic design go hand in hand with high mechanical strength, long shelf life and maintaining a constant calibre and shape of products. Through the use of various colours, shapes and thematic imprints, the products wrapped up in them are gaining a unique character.

Viscoflex® casings with exceptional Christmas imprints is a proposal related to the forthcoming holiday season. The collection has been developed on the basis of real, holiday season drawings. What distinguishes a product are new, unique imprints, forming an outstanding graphic design for the holiday season.

Viscoflex® casings illumined by glitter. From the combination of available colours and glitter on the offer of company, a unique, glittering composition is created, which will not let the product get lost in the tangle of competitive products. This type of casings is particularly recommended for the premium products.

Viscoflex® casings recommended for poultry products - colours "roast chicken" and "amber" are products which constitute a perfect complement to cured meat products manufactured on the basis of poultry. The new colours are available in basic version, and with an additional layer, imitating goose pimples.

Viscoflex® casings are used for packaging meat products - ranging from offal meats (of brawn type) to all kinds of pates and sausages. A wide range of forms and colours and individual imprints has made the products of Nomax Trading company very popular. The advantages of product also include: diversity of forms, possibility of clipping, possibility of applying imprints, ease to remove from a finished product, keeping a full production hygiene, longer period of storage in comparison with natural casings.

The casings of Viscoflex® Nomax Trading company are the ones of the most popular solutions chosen in the production of ready-made foods. They are the products of the highest quality, designed for producers looking for effective ways to attract the attention of consumer.

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