Textile casings permeable to smoke

Viscoflex® Smoke

Textile casings may absorb and let smoke and steam through


  • Block cured meats
  • Lasting and semi-lasting sausages
  • Offal cured meats
  • Ripening cured meats
Viscoflex<sup>®</sup> Smoke

Viscoflex® Smoke

Product description

Viscoflex® Smoke is a product intended to be used in both traditional and industrial meat processing. It is suitable for the production of smoked, smoked-parboiled, dried and ripening meat products.

Owing to the application of new properties of the material, the product may absorb and let smoke and steam through.

The main advantages:

  • An attractive visual design with decorative net
  • Variety of colourful seams and decorative net
  • The casings are ready to use without soaking
  • A confection sleeve or casing with a closed section
  • Permeability for smoke and steam
  • Possibility of clipping or manual strapping
  • A casing tightly fits the filling
  • An optimum ripening of product
  • Optimum shrinking properties
  • Casing can be easily removed
  • High mechanical strength
  • A natural, matt appearance of a product

Viscoflex® Smoke

Conditions of storage

We recommend the following guidelines of storage for Viscoflex® Smoke:

  • The casings must be stored in shady, dry and cool place, away from heat sources and freezing zones
  • Store in the original container at the temperature of 5-25°C and relative humidity not exceeding 75%
  • Use-by-date expires after two years from the date of manufacture


Viscoflex® Smoke

Method of use

We hereby present you our instructions for use and heat treatment of Viscoflex® Smoke casings:

  • After removing the packaging, the casings are ready to use
  • Place the casings on the funnel of the stuffer and fill them tightly, the casings overfill even up to 20%
  • Casings should be manually clipped with a manual clipper or hand tied
  • When clipping, select an appropriate size of a clipper not to damage the casing
  • The type of heat treatment depends on the specificity of a product
  • Sample heat treatment process:
  1. SETTLING when the temperature of chamber is 50-55°C, recommended time is 30 minutes
  2. DRYING at 55-65°C until the surface of a product is completely dry
  3. SMOKING at 65°C until the desired level of smoking is achieved (recommended time is about 40 minutes)
  4. PARBOILING at 78°C until the desired temperature in the core of a bar is achieved
  5. COOLING with an intermittent shower water and then in a cold storage
  • In dried or semi-dried products do not use water cooling
  • Before distribution the products require packing in MAP or VAC



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