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The year 2018 in Nomax Group was full of interesting events. Grab a coffee and read a short summary of the last 12 months!

Design Thinking Workshops

Over the course of the year 2018 we’ve implemented a series of workshops with our clients, using Design Thinking methodology. It is a proven way of product design that allows for an in-depth understanding of problems and needs of final users of the packaging we produce. These workshops are a vital element of our strategy, which aims to strengthen relationships with customers and promote working together on product design.

We are convinced that by tackling together a given challenge, we are able to provide a comprehensive view of the issue, that takes into account the needs of all parties. Thanks to that, we can find the best possible solution in each situation. The first results are already visible! The best example of effectiveness of this method is NetBag - the eco-friendly shopping bag, our product of the year 2018.

NetBag – the eco-friendly shopping bag

Caring for the environment has never been more important than it is today. Therefore, wanting to take into account the ecological balance and to contribute to our local ecosystem, we have introduced NetBag shopping bag to our offer, which corresponds with key ECO trends.

It is an ecological, reusable shopping bag, which retro appearance refers to polish bags from the old times. NetBag is durable, general-purpose, capacious and stylish - and it does not pollute the environment, simultaneously limiting the production of plastic packaging. This is definitely a product that we are most proud of recently.

HangNet made available for sale

In Nomax Group we know that recipes for the best products usually come from the market itself. It is in response to market demand that the innovative netting HangNet was created, which is dedicated to single-piece products that do not require forming and are smoked or long-maturing.

HangNet means more than easy application and high durability. It particularly results in an attractive product look that translates into better sales. Our customers use this netting especially in the production of traditional maturing products: speck or Schwarzwald ham. Introducing HangNet to the market was one of the most important events of the past year.

BrandNet is gaining grounds

Consumers on the meat market are now more demanding and aware than ever. It is a new reality that we all must face. Modern buyers want to be guided by the brand, which unfortunately is often hard to find in a counter full of almost identical products. This is what makes BrandNet, a net with printed label, even more popular. Thanks to this packaging, the brand of the producer comes to the fore.

No wonder that more and more of our customers decide to implement BrandNet. Recently, Kabanospol and Zakład Mięsny Misior from Otwock joined the group of producers who want to emphasize the brand of their products. In the near future Podlaska Chata will also take care of their brand's proper exposure. Congratulations!

New coatings for the dairy industry

Packaging plays an important role in the decision-making process of consumers – it’s a fact that can’t be denied. This applies not only to the meat market but is also noticeable in the dairy industry. This is why in 2018 we decided to expand our offer addressed to this sector.

Thanks to their properties, sewn textile covers made of MLC viscose fabric allow giving the dairy products individual shape and character. The use of different types of seams adds a rare, rustic look that customers often look for. Our casings work great with products such as cream cheese, melted cheese and cottage cheese.

Presence at the most important industry events

Experience has taught us that business relationships come down to interpersonal relationships. That's why we always prefer face-to-face meetings over a phone or email. As a result of implementing these assumptions, we have not only frequently visited our business partners and key clients in the last 12 months but have also been present at the most important events for the meat industry in Poland and around the world.

Meat Congress or Forum of the Food Market and Trade in Warsaw, SIAL in Paris, Anuga in Cologne or Agroprodmash in Moscow - we have widely and proudly presented our solutions, and they were well received.

We are ready for 2019!

We believe that consistency, persistence and hard work in the next 12 months will allow us to repeat the success achieved in 2018. We want to further promote cooperation and exchange of experiences and to produce innovative packaging, created in harmony with the natural environment of our close surrounding. That's what our plans for the coming 2019 are!


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