Szubryt uses BrandNet®

Szubryt Meat Processing Plant from Chełmiec is another client who implemented BrandNet®. “Traditional Flavour of the Upland” gained a new packaging. The ribbon with printing “Producer of traditional products” grabs consumers' attention just like a red bead necklace that distinguishes a girl from the crowd.

People working at Szubryt are open to new solutions and plan their production and sales while considering the importance of aesthetics. They are familiar with the ideas of strengthening their brand, i.e. branding. “Our talks started in July 2016. That is when Szubryt got interested in personalizing their finished products” says Mariusz Zawiślak, Key Account Manager.

Every specialist in marketing knows how important it is to build brand identity. The first step to strengthen consumer's knowledge of the particular brand is to single it out of other similar ones. Our dedicated nets tend to do just that.

Konrad Kołodziejczyk, the person responsible for marketing at Szubryt Meat Processing Plant, is certain that implementing BrandNet® was an important stage in the marketing strategy of the company. He said: “While considering the aims and efficiency of BrandNet nets, we asked ourselves many questions. First of them was: 'And what would such a ribbon attached to the net actually do for us?' At first, the answers seemed to be obvious, however, everybody sees things differently and so this obviousness wasn't so clear any more. I asked one person responsible for sales in our store: 'What do you think of this net?' She answered: 'If it's going to sell out, it will. The taste of the product will 'defend itself'. The price is what is the most important.' For a single moment I got worried about selling skills of our experienced sales person. Then I thought that such approach results from the lack of innovations on the market of meat industry and that this is the reason of this rather negative attitude. As usual, time and the market were about to verify everything. After some time, it turned out that products of high quality and for a good price indeed 'defended themselves,' but the problem was that the consumer had to spot them on the counter. The consumer has to know that the product exists. Of course, the sales person may and should recommend some products. The problem is, however, that not everything can be recommended at the same time. And this is where BrandNet is invaluable! It attracts attention of the consumer and focuses their thoughts on the content placed on the ribbon. A well-thought slogan distinguishes our product at the very first sight and directs consumer's associations in a particular way.”

The period from the first talks on possibility to implement such innovation to the start of sales lasted an entire year. During this time, Mariusz Zawiślak coordinated particular stages of execution of the project. As he says, it was worth to wait becauseBrandNet® is not just a net for meat any more. It is a net that catches the attention of consumers! I would even risk an opinion that this net is our another employee – the one who's main task is to recommend our products to the consumers.”

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