Offal cured meats

Cured meats of the type: 
pate, liver sausages and brawns

Offal cured meats

Offal cured meats


Offal cured meats enjoy a constant popularity among consumers.

Meat plants are increasingly trying to diversify the range of products offered introducing new flavours and entry into higher product segment.

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Offal cured meats

Our solutions

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our solutions dedicated to offal cured meats:

Meat processing additives
Meat processing additives
Spatex<sup>®</sup> casings
Spatex® casings
Spatex<sup>®</sup> InShape Casings
Spatex® InShape Casings
SpiceBar casings
SpiceBar casings
Viscoflex<sup>®</sup> casings
Viscoflex® casings
Viscoflex<sup>®</sup> Smoke
Viscoflex® Smoke

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