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A wide selection of products available in a variety of distribution channels results in the fact, that customers often do not know what to choose. Usually, the packaging of the product is its only spokesman, and an attractive and functional appearance of the meat product takes a role of a key element in product promotion. For this reason, it is worth making your product stand out – especially in the traditional display cabinet, where most of the meats do not have any signs of the manufacturer’s brand. Bearing that in mind, Nomax Group developed a new tool – BrandNet netting with printed label. Its goal is to help the producers, who want to innovatively draw customers’ attention.

Product’s premiere took place in last May during the international trade fair IFFA, organised every three years in Frankfurt, Germany. This is where Gzella’s representatives first learned about the possibilities of the new netting. The idea of this product inspired them to change their way of product packaging, allowing better exposition in the traditional channel. In the process of technological tests at Gzella a close cooperation took place between Nomax’s technologists, product manager and sales managers and Gzella’s representatives, in order to best suit the needs of the final, retail customer.

In Gzella, BrandNet netting replaced a film packaging method, which was also a current method of branding of company’s meat products. This cooperation resulted in a functional packaging, being a brand carrier, at the same time playing a crucial role in the process of making customers’ purchasing decision and allowing Gzella’s product identification in the traditional display channel. BrandNet is an innovative solution, which works well also in the wholesale distribution channel, where it competes with other producer’s meats on daily basis.

- Use of BrandNet netting with a label is an endeavour focused on supporting our wholesale customers and drawing attention of consumers in a variety of distribution channels. Gzella actively supports PR and marketing actions, highlighting the quality of meats from Bory Tucholskie – Says Karolina Kawczyńska-Braciszewska, Gzella’s Marketing Director. Putting the marketing message directly on the product is designed to draw customers’ attention, interest them, and at the same time to convey particular marketing content and increase brand recognition among Gzella’s product consumers.

Gzella is consequently implementing the designed marketing strategy, the aim of which is to maintain the brand image associated with regional products of a consistent, high quality. By the use of a new branding method, customers looking for meats from Bory Tucholskie have now got the possibility to self-identify the product in conventional channel of distribution. Thanks to that, they can select the product of the favourite brand, well-known for its quality and taste. BrandNet netting impacts customers using Gzella’s brand colours and due to that it attracts customer’s attention using sight, the most important sense in terms of customer’s purchase impulsivity.

BrandNet’s innovation allows to highlight the important, specific characteristics of meat products, in the form of particular quality, ingredients, unique taste or origin – adds Marek Stępel, product manager in Nomax Group. Consumers go for the products they know and love. Lack of product awareness may be a brake on its sale. Brandnet is a great way to facilitate their purchase decisions – he summarises.

The use of BrandNet netting with label eases introducing new products in the producers’ offer, at the same time identifying the product and manufacturer’s brand, also being an element of advertising the product on the shelf. Thanks to the new packaging, the meat communicates its origin at the first glance, influencing the customer to make the purchase. What has been previously reserved only for the sliced products and meat available in packages in the modern distribution channel, is now successfully affecting customers in the traditional channel. More than 55% of meat buyers in Poland makes supplies in so-called traditional channel: butcher’s, local stores, local markets and stands in hypermarkets and supermarkets – and exactly this group is the target of BrandNet’s message. Meats from Bory Tucholskie is a brand, which carefully selected offer is worth distinguishing, and BrandNet netting is an excellent way to achieve this goal, positively identifying the product in the channel.

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