Innovative meat netting HangNet®

In cooperation with one of our key Italian customers and in response to market needs, we have created an innovative HangNet® - dedicated to single-muscle products that do not require moulding, smoked or matured.

The HangNet® allows the smoked meat to be originally exposed in a hanging form. It increases the visual attractiveness of the finished product and effectively improves the maturing process of large smoked elements. The net is very well suited to the whole production process of traditional maturing products: speck or Black Forest hams.

The custom net form enables quick applications and does not require additional tooling, as well as the use of clips or ropes. In addition, the use of HangNet® makes it easy to remove the net from the product at the point of sale. It is also a great way to occasionally pack smoked products. The net is characterized by high tear resistance, allowing to hang even up to 9 kg of large smoked elements..

It is available in three sizes:

  • small, 42 mm long,
  • mean length 66 mm,
  • large, 70 mm long.

In order to answer all your questions, please contact our sales and customer service managers.


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