Implementation of a new product in ZM Pelikan

Premium category meat products construe a crucial element of meat plants’ offer. They allow the creation of brand image around this type of product (so called top of mind products), and at the same time provide a lucrative opportunity to increase the margin.

Due to the high competitiveness of the market, which is rich in a variety of product solutions of premium category, the appearance plays an important role in product differentiation. This is the element that communicates potential customer a higher standard and special quality of the offered product. To meet the expectations of our customers to give the meat products a unique character by creating their particular image, Nomax Group has developed a new type of casings.

Edible casing with overprint in any shape

Collarex is a textile casing in any desired shape with an inner layer of collagen, including the option of printing an edible logo on the product. The casing is dedicated to the traditional meat processing and is designed for smoked-cooked, dried or semi-dry products, based on the basis of stuffings with variable level of fineness, both pork and poultry. Thanks to the wide possibilities of shaping the meat product, Collarex is an excellent and innovative tool to distinguish the final product in store. The introduction of collagen casing in any shape is a next step in the development of the Group's offer.

Innovator from podlasie first to introduce the new casing

Pelikan Meat Plant was founded in 1995. Since the very beginning, it is focused on the production of top quality products with traditional taste and appearance. It is also constantly looking for new solutions, consistently and boldly trying to diversify its offer, so that customers have access to new flavours, kept in the rustical, traditional atmosphere of Podlasie region.

I regularly visit websites of various suppliers in order to find news and inspiration on meat products - says Beata Pawlak, office manager of the plant. During one of the visits on Nomax’s website I noticed a new edible collagen casing intended to shape the product. It served as the inspiration to a new product that could be introduced to Pelikan’s offer. I was particularly interested in original, dark brown color of the casing from the image. This casing caught my attention as an innovation, something completely different from what I met so far on the market - admits Mrs. Beata.


It doesn’t take long from Mrs. Pawlak’s idea to its implementation. The whole process took place very quickly and efficiently - after placing the order for a trial batch of casings, representatives and technologists of Nomax Group conducted training at the plant on how to work with the casing under production conditions. A customer who had never had contact with the casing of this type, has performed the initial production by himself and easily obtained the desired effect after the first attempt.

We were able to carry out both initial and subsequent production of sausages with Collarex casings very easily. The training carried out by the Nomax Group and the producer's technological recommendations responded to all my questions and were very easy to understand - explains Mr. Zenon Taudul, the technologist at the plant.

Effectively and efficiently

The biggest advantage of the casing is the opportunity to give the sausage a unique, rustical appearance, at the same time maintaining a perfect excellent bite of the product. Thanks to this fact, meat products in Collarex casings at ZM Pelikan are becoming more popular among the customers - explains Marek Stepel, product manager in the Nomax Group. Importantly, the product in the new casing is delivered by Pelikan to stores without taking off the external carrier - nonwoven fabric, which is aimed to shape the product. The customer noticed that leaving the product in the textile casing allows to have an additional interesting effect and maintain the traditional look of the product - adds Marek.

Turkey ham in the Collarex casing is a product with very good taste, and on top of that - the use of a new type of packaging allowed ZM Pelikan to place this product in the premium meats category. It is a part of the overall offer of the plant and enables to increase the revenue.

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