From Excel to Tableau application

Nomax Group is a synonym of relentless and constant pursuit to improve. For this purpose, we use the best available tools in the field of IT solutions.

A team of Nomax’s employees in cooperation with the company NewDataLabS * recently launched Tableau application, which according to reports from Gartner Group is recognized as one of the leading Business Intelligence (BI) class systems. Tableau's mission is "To help people visualise and understand data." Implementation of Tableau BI aims to enable better understanding of possessed data, in order to support decision-making processes through the use of methods of interactive visualization of information.

Thanks to this implementation Nomax Group has now rich possibilities of analysis and data presentation. The new application makes the information needed to make operational and strategic decisions available on demand, at the same time significantly lowering the cost of this process. Tableau is broadly used in the area of ​​sales analysis, inventory and production management and internal financial reporting.

Tableau is used by more than 25 000 companies in the world - including major corporations such as Walmart, Facebook.




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