For Misior company, it is about being recognized!

Distinguish your product. Build brand awareness. Personalize your message sent into the world. BrandNet® net is a solution for producers of meat products who want to actively improve communication with their customers.

“Misior” Meat Processing Plant from Otwock, Poland, is our yet another partner who implemented BrandNet® net. The company has twenty-eight years of experience in the filed. The Management Board of the company recognizes changes in the market and is aware of novelties,” says Paweł Białkowski, our Key Account Manager.

A true taste of tradition at your home” – the main slogan of the company – encourages customers to choose Misior meat products. Thanks to BrandNet®, the customers can quickly determine what they are really looking for.

The mission of Misior is to introduce the best quality products to the market, with particular emphasis on their health safety," explains Izabela Fronczyk, Plant Technologist. “During the production process, we follow the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Hygiene Practice. To the satisfaction of our customers and our own, we are still striving to achieve higher quality of our products. Implementing BrandNet® net improved the aesthetics of our products. The company's logo on the ribbon makes Misior products more recognizable among others. At the same time, BrandNet emphasises the natural look of meat. Thanks to the net, you can intuitively feel that the product is healthier than if it was packed in a plastic packaging.

BrandNet® draws the attention of customers. Other products from the traditional counter automatically become the background of meat products with the ribbon, and thanks to the company's logo on it, the customers can immediately recognize the product they choose. They recognize the brand. And their choice is for sure not random.

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