Colagen Casings

Collarex® Casings

Edible collagen casings in any shape, give your meat products an attractive and natural appearance


  • Ripening cured meats
  • Smoked bacons
Collarex<sup>®</sup> Casings

Collarex® Casings

Product description

Collarex® is a product intended to traditional meat processing.

Designed for smoked - parboiled, dried or slightly dried products on the basis of stuffing with varying degrees of fineness, both poultry and pork.

Due to a wide range of possibilities for shaping the finished product it is an excellent and innovative tool to highlight the products at the point of sale.

Main advantages:

  • Textile casing with edible beef collagen layer
  • Unlimited possibilities for shaping the product
  • Edible and delicate in bite
  • Ready to use directly after taking out of the package
  • High mechanical strength during the process
  • Permeates smoke and steam
  • Adheres to the stuffing perfectly

Collarex® Casings

Method of use

Instructions for use and heat treatment:

  • casing is ready for use straight from the package; do not wet the casing!
  • casing should be applied in dry conditions
  • place casing on the funnel of sausage stuffer and fill tightly; do not overfill the casing as it may burst
  • clip the filled casing or tie it with sausage-making twine
  • in order to shape the product, tighten it and use netting moulds and then apply heat treatment
  • for moulded products, fill the casing slightly more loosely so that the product can be pressed
  • apply heat treatment to the product hanging or lying down:

exemplary outline of heat treatment for poultry product with smooth surface (not-slightly-dried):

  • slightly parboiling at 60°C in the chamber – 35 minutes (some manufacturers use parboiling to soften the collagen so that the final product is more delicate at biting, and to reduce the product loss during heat treatment) – this stage may be omitted according to the personal preferences of the client
  • drying at 58°C in the chamber – until the surface is dried (approx. time: 1 hour 20 minutes) – this stage cannot be omitted as collagen layer and meat integrate in the process
  • smoking at 65°C in the chamber – until the desired colour is obtained (approx. time: 15-25 minutes, depending on the desired colour of the final product)
  • parboiling at 75°C until the core of the bar is at 72°C
  • after the heat treatment, put the product into the shower for approx. 30 minutes
  • after the product initially cools off, it must be refrigerated
  • after the product is refrigerated to 4°C, remove twine and pack the product

exemplary outline of heat treatment for moulded and slightly dried product produced based on the stuffing of the Krakowska Sausage (dried):

  • drying at 60°C in the chamber until the surface is dried (collagen and meat integrate irreversibly in the process; do not exceed the recommended temperature of drying)
  • smoking at 60°C in the chamber, approx. time of smoking is 20 minutes
  • parboiling at 78°C until the geometric centre of the bar is at 72°C
  • dried products should not be cooled off with water but slightly dried
  • you can apply drying process applicable for a typical Krakowska Sausage or you can dry the product for 12 hours at 55°C in the chamber, and then additionally dry it until obtaining the desired capacity of the final product
  • before putting into distribution, the product must be packed in MAP or VAC
  • before packing, remove twine from the finished product
  • notice: the casing is not suitable for baking

Collarex® Casings

Conditions of storage

We recommend the following guidelines of storage for Collarex® casings:

  • Casing should be stored in a shaded, dry, cool place away from heat sources as well as zones with freezing temperatures
  • Keep in original package at a temperature 5-25°C and a relative humidity of up to 75%
  • Expiry date 6 months from the date of production
  • Once opened, the unused casing should be stored in tightly closed original packaging, in order to maintain proper humidity level

Collarex® Casings

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