Better Viscoflex as a standard for everyone!

From now on, better Viscoflex as a standard for everyone.

What we used to do only for special orders is now becoming a standard. From now on, all Viscoflex casings are produced with our Easy Fill folding.

What is Easy Fill?

It's a small, outlying triangle placed at the outlet of a casing.
It makes it much easier to separate layers of wet fabric during filling.

What is it for?

Anyone who has ever tried to separate layers of stuck together bag at the cash register in a supermarket has experienced how a worker feels when trying to open a casing before filling it.
The only difference is that in production we are not supposed to help ourselves with our licked fingers.

The Easy Fill folding solves this problem 100%. Thanks to this a production team is less frustrated and it saves some priceless seconds with each casing.

What I need to do?

Absolutely nothing. Improved Viscoflexes will come to you with your next order.


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