4 attributes of the best packaging suppliers for the meat industry

Choosing the right packaging supplier for your meat products can be crucial from the point of view of your entire production chain. The wrongly selected supplier may not only meet your expectations and cause frustration, but through untimely deliveries, and even worse - through poor quality of packaging, it may delay the production process and negatively affect the final meat product.

Price is the main factor that we usually follow when selecting business partners. However, it is worth paying attention to a number of other attributes of a good supplier, which determine the final success of the meat product.

If you want to choose the best packaging supplier, look for a company that is characterized by:


The high-quality packaging of the supplier, certified with international certificates, is one of the priority factors to which you should pay attention. The implemented FSSC 22000, HACCP or ISO standards guarantee the right approach to packaging production and the right standard of the offered solutions.

High quality also manifests itself in the field of customer service. A good supplier does not leave the customer alone with problems, but through the care of a dedicated, highly qualified account manager, he takes care of post and pre-sale service of the order. Check whether the supplier has a properly organized distribution network in place and sufficient human resources with the right skills.

Innovative character

A good supplier knows trends and can use them in your favor. What's more - in some areas he sets trends and creates standards. Thanks to the experience and understanding of the market, he knows what is expected of him and can act accordingly.

Look for a supplier that introduces new products and innovative solutions. The manufacturer, who focuses on development, offers products that are ahead of competition and allows for enriching the offer of meat products of its partners.

Innovation also manifests itself through flexibility. A good supplier offers products that can match both customer requirements for development and innovation, as well as those related to cuts and expenditure reduction.

Experience and knowledge

It's good to work with a company that really knows its stuff. Search for technologically strong suppliers - those who have expert knowledge in the field of production of meat products using the packaging they offer. Such knowledge allows for in-depth analysis of a specific situation from the point of view of the technological solutions used. A good supplier can perform tests, draw conclusions from the obtained results, suggest optimization of the packaging and present a tangible solution to the problem.


Work with a company that shares information from other markets it operates. A good supplier can provide inspiration and experience that allows to create new solutions. It is a leader from which others take an example.

Such an open company will surely organize your visit on their production. Thanks to this, you will see and understand how the packaging that reaches your meat plant is produced. Such a visit will make it possible to get to know the partner company and to assess whether it gives a guarantee of an appropriate quality of servicing your orders. It is also a great opportunity to get to know the full capabilities of the supplier's products, and above all - to tighten your relationships, get to know each other and like.

Search for companies that share knowledge - they are an expert in their industry, but do not hide their know-how only for themselves. A good supplier manifests a holistic approach to the market and wants to grow together with its clients.

There are many conditions that should be met by a good packaging supplier for the meat industry. Remember that choosing a supplier is a serious decision that will often bind your company for years. Make sure that the supplier is not someone who only unreflectively produces packaging, but rather a trusted partner that guarantees your business development exactly when and where you need it.



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